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Different amounts in Paypal

  1. mjg234

    I need to setup a Paid Membership Registration form that has variable amounts for the registration dues. There are two levels of Membership they can sign up for, plus, there is an early-bird discount for each. So, before a certain date I have to pass one of two possible fees to Paypal for online payment; and then after a certain date I have to pass one of two other possible fees to Paypal. How do I handle this? Also, if it matters any, I am currently running 3.5.4. Thank you.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. AMurray
    Pro Member

    See the conditional logic documentation

    You will need to set up some rules I expect so that it will process the apropriate fee including or excluding the discount depending on the signup date, but not sure how you will define the Early-Bird "expiry" date to compare the form submission date against, in order to apply the discount.

    THere is an inbuilt "creation date" field generated by the system; not sure if you can somehow use that so the logic will be like

    IF [creation-date] <= [early-bird-expiry] then Pay [Fee-A] ELSE Pay [Fee-B].

    You'd do that for both membership levels you mention above.

    More specific suggestions could be forthcoming from Appnitro Support - contact them directly

    Posted 4 years ago #

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