I have been a supporter of Appnitro Machform since the day I found their website. Their application makes things so simple, especially for a designer with little .php experience like myself. Their support, even after years of purchase is unrivaled in my 20+ years of online experience and I cannot recommend them too highly.

Paul Miller
Palma Multimedia

Machform is one of the best things that I ever did for my website. It organizes everything beautifully and makes it really easy to keep track of emails, or order forms. For only paying a one time fee you get more than just the software. I had a few questions through the installation process and Appnitro was able to get back to me with in 1 days time or less (even on weekends). I would recommend this software to anyone!

Kevin James
Absolute Logo

I’ve been using MF for about 4 years… You guys have provided us a remarkable product and it has made things much easier and efficient for us all to gather information from our clients and customers in a highly elegant and customizable way. Besides that, you have patiently dealt with countless customers of your own [like me] with all our issues and demands and have delivered on maintaining your product/standing behind it. Your customer service is stellar and you have always been open to feedback, suggestions, criticisms and feature requests. Wow, you guys are truly set apart form other providers out there and we all have something to learn from you. Your work is truly inspiring. So,… if you haven’t heard it enough, I’ll say it for the rest of us who are too busy to say it themselves: thank you!

If I were on top, I’d vote you guys for small web-based company of the year, maybe of the decade!!

Julian F (Los Angeles)
Forum Post

Functional, affordable, simple web form software with really, really good support. Love what these guys are doing.

Dan Kaplan, Co-Founder

I am impressed with MachForm. The software creates great forms, very fast. I would recommend it over Wufoo or other online builders. I was especially impressed by how quickly tech support fixed an html email autoresponder for me. They responded within the same day, allowing me to finish my project on time, with a VERY satisfied client.

Tanis Campbell, CEO
HQZ Experts

Just want to pop a Feel-Good note out there to say I am MIGHTY impressed with this software! This is now my official go-to software for forms. Worth every penny.

We use it for registration, and then use the forward URL feature to send it to an ECWID -based (Which I also highly recommend) store for payment. Everything you could want was in there (and that you could want to customize) and making forms was too easy.

Good stuff. Kudos!

Peter, Developer
New England Boarding School Conciege

We use an eclectic bunch of software to run our business, which is entirely online. Our key criteria are the software delivers 0) secure operation on Linux, 1) a professional experience for our clients, 2) integration with our other software, 3) integration with our design, 4) easy administration, 5) responsive support, and 6) business metrics and reporting. Appnitro’s MachForm rates highly on all of these criteria, and we’ve been pleased enough with its performance to recommend MachForm to others in search of excellent web form submission and results collection software.

Gray Rothkopf, Manager
Zimbra Hosting and Consulting

Stunning forms in an instant! – It is a truly great product and produces amazing forms with so little effort. It really is as good as it looks – better in fact!

Julian Forrester
Video review at YouTube

It’s SOOOOO super easy!

Kim Townsend
kimtown Studios, Web Design for Photographers

A clean interface and an easy way to setup web-based forms for your web site.

Ken Edwards
Blogcritics Magazine

Machform has been one of the best tools for our website. For something so simple, you get so much in return. Highly Recommended.

Chuck Temple
DVD Your Memories

Your script deserves a ’10′ in my book. You created a fantastic script that does everything we wanted without the bloatware.

Adam Foster
The Vancouver Sun, a division of CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc.

The fitting was very easy. With Machform we could almost complete twice as many requests.

Justus Tietze
MH Rental Service, for Filmmaker and Photographers

Overall, I found Machform (Yuniar) very conscientious and professional. This online form is the most advanced, easy to set up and simple I ever seen on the market so far.
You won’t be sorry when you buy this software! Highly recommended!

Jonathan Raperport

I have tried many, many form scripts, some I bought and some were free.
So I just wanted to let you know I love this software, it is VERY easy to use, works like a charm and is without a doubt the BEST form software I have come across!

Belinda Sauro

It is the perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility. We have been able to customise the input fields as much as necessary, and so far have come across nothing that was limiting. Your use of ajax makes form management a no-brainer, and the ability to export form entries makes client management an absolute
pleasure. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you a single thing about MachForm that we haven’t liked. Personally, my favourite feature is how tightly you’ve integrated drag-and-drop and form management. From one techie to another, this is a truly solid application.

Dincer Terzioglu, Account Manager
The Design Shed

I just wanted to thank you all for the quick turn around time. You people are people with integrity.
Once again, thank you very much.

Ted Siuta

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tool. I was struggling trying to come up with a decent looking form and after spending just minutes with your product, I have a form that is incredibly useful, professional looking, and better than anything I could have done on my own. Thank you so much!

Erika Phillips

I purchased your form app and I am really impressed about how powerful and easy it is. I have over 5 years of PHP / MySQL development in web tv broadcasting and in this business time is money !
This app is worth the last cent I spent!

Joseph Caristena
ExeForm Web Channel

I take great pleasure in writing this note of appreciation. Our long search for a quality developer of forms who can visualize our dreams and make it come true, came to an end in the form of Appnitro – MachForm.

We Would like to place on record our profound gratitude & sincere thanks for the excellent service rendered to us during the pre-sales and after sales support with the highest sense of Professionalism. The Conceptual skills, step by step systematic approach, attention to details & precise documentation, meticulous planning & implementation, all handed out with kindness are the Hallmark of their achievement & Key objectives towards total customer satisfaction.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Yuniar and every member of his esteemed Organization.

EvaModels Ltd

The support on this product has been EXCEPTIONAL! Really.
Note to anyone considering this product: Take comfort in that fact that this product works great and that this support group and forum will help you get up and running in no time. Really. So rest assured that this is a good purchase.

Thanks Yuniar!

Arron Diaz

First rate product! Purchased, downloaded, installed, created my first extensive form, entered data and exported to excel in 36 minutes flat. And I’m no expert at installing software on a web server!
In less than another hour, I have the form integrated into my Joomla site. Hooray!

Kim Ball

MachForm was the best purchase I’ve ever made for my website. It extremely simple to use, and makes keeping in contact with my customers quick and easy – and in times like these where social media is king, that’s exceptionally important to staying in business. However, the very best thing about MachForm has been the customer service. I had some issues early on trying to do something with my forms that wasn’t normally done. Instead of telling me, ‘Sorry, we don’t do that,” they actually took the time to write code in order to solve my problem! Then they walked me through the step-by-step process of installing it into the backend of my website!! I have never had such a wonderful, personal, friendly, FANTASTIC customer service experience. MachForm will have my business – and that of my website owning friends and family – for life.

Nicole Wright, Owner
Facebook for Your Business

Wow—if you are interested in software that allows you to create a variety of forms for on-line use, than Machform is your answer. I’m swamped with new business start up but had to take 2 minutes to give a shout out to Yuniar’s incredible tech support! Any time i have encountered a problem with being able to use my forms he has been right on top of not just diagnosing my problem but also fixing settings so the problem was fixed with incredible speed! I can’t tell you how happy i am to have found this diamond in the ruff!

Jennifer DiDio
C A P T U R E D photography by Jennifer DiDio

Machform has exceeded our expectations from day one. The very first time I used it we got over 4000 responses which led to a number of new coaching relationships. We wondered what had taken us so long to start using surveys. Best of all, Machform is easy to use, feature rich and–importantly–makes it easy for our customers to respond.

Scot McKay
X & Y Communications

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the MachForm product. We loved V. 2 and V. 3 is even better.

We’re a web design firm and often need to get scripts on our clients’ behalf. Believe me, there is a lot of poor quality product out there. That’s why it’s so great to have discovered MachForm. It’s well built, easy to use, powerful, and easy to customize. It’s very clear to me that your programmers take a lot of pride in what they do. It shows!

Keep up the great work!

John Boulter
Bastion Internet

MachForm is hands down the best online form software! Trust me, I have researched a lot of other form services online until I came across MachForm. Most services host the contact data on their servers which I do not very much approve of and also paying monthly subscription is not my thing. Finally I found MachForm and it has been a sheer blessing. Its robust, powerful, feature rich, elegant and most importantly very user-friendly and simple to use. It has an auto-responder system which I simply love and you can customise the message to look very professional. Thank you guys for such a fabulous product and at a price that’s not only affordable but completely justified for the quality of service you get in return! I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend MachForm

Amit Desai
Wedding Photographer Mumbai, India. Art Pixel Photography

I wanted to say how above and beyond the support team at at Appnitro software has gone to help get my Machform forms on my website up and running. As a photographer, a booking form is very important, and while I can take a great photo, I am not great at the computer end of things. The team at Appnitro lead me through every step and even helped fix my personal mistakes in order to get it running perfectly the way I needed it.

My highest recommendation and appreciation for their services!

Lisa Haupt
End of the Road Photography

If you’re like me, it’s often you grow somewhat disgruntled with software after discovering missing functionality, ineffective support and poor implementation.

To my delight, MachForm is nothing of the sort but continues to surprise and impress long after you license it!

MachForm is simply in a class of its own!

Todd D, Senior Developer

To all at MachForm and Appnitro Software,

I spent some 20 years in the IT Consulting field and in that time I have discovered that it is rare to find a group that produce a fantastic product such as MachForms, and also back it up with such OUTSTANDING support!

Your product has literally cut down our Form Design costs by DAYS PER EACH FORM that we have to design, and implementation into our site could not be simpler! Your guidance and assistance is also OUTSTANDING as our forms have several unique features that go way beyond the requirements of a static form and MachForms easily meets those challenges!

Thank You for making our lives here so much easier with such a great product!

Duane Murphy
Managed Information Services

I just wanted to thank you for such a quick reply with a working solution to my issue that is now resolved. I am very grateful.

I’ve got to say, I am so pleased that I chose Mackform over all of the other similar products on the market because yours is definitely the best product that I have seen and I done a lot of research before I made my final purchase. No other form building product offers so many standard features at an affordable one-time fee like Machform. Your closest competitor, Wufoo, charges almost 6 times as much for a comparative product and even that’s only for one year.

Once again, thank you for an incredible product.

Richard Reeve

Your programmers and staff and nothing less than genius.  I am serious when I say that. MachForm is not just a great program, it’s a work of art. We bought several licenses for various projects.

Thanks for the affordable price, great support and awesome forums.

I’ve been into computers since the days of the VIC20 and the mastery of MachForm just blows me away. A warm thank you for all your work, I wish you continued success and great holidays.

Joe Mezzanini