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Error message not seen

  1. beeeno

    I sometimes receive complaints that a form or its captcha does not work after repeated tries to submit. What is actually happening is that the user has not filled in a required field, but as the highlighted field and the error message are at the top and off the screen, they do not realise this is the problem. After using the submission button at the bottom of the form the page view stays at the bottom of the form. Mind you, even if the page refreshed to the header you would miss the error message as the form is inserted into a website page with text and header above, so it is then off the bottom of the screen.
    Should not the form/page on submission go to the error message or highlighted field? If not, how can I duplicate the error message to appear beneath the submit button? (With new text stating error ABOVE).
    I am using v3.5.4, but do not plan to upgrade as building replacement site.

    Posted 4 years ago #
  2. yuniar

    We've updated the form behaviour to scroll exactly at the top of the error message since v4.7

    MachForm Founder

    Posted 4 years ago #

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