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Feature Request - Validating fields

  1. timcov

    Hi Yuniar,

    Firstly the V4 changes are brilliant - Thank you. Ability to use entry values within the Thank You page and Redirect URL make the system much more powerful without compromising it's ease of use.

    Greedy for even more can I suggest another big leap would be the ability to validate an entry field by looking for a match in the values entered within another table? At present you can require a field to be unique (so the program must check existing entries for that form and reject if there is an existing match) but you would instead be able to set it so the entry value must match to an existing entry in: form_id & element_id.

    This would have loads of applications with one of the biggest enabling us to have a user "Registration Form" that must be submitted by users before they can book onto Events using an event form, or make purchases etc.

    We could even use it as a method of validating the email address they gave - if they don't give the right one they won't get a confirmation email which provides the link to the Events entry form. All the email addresses provided in an Events entry form will be correct as the user "pre-registered".

    It could however also be used whenever we want a user to be able to group multiple form entries under a common "Project" - first the user must create the "Project" by completing the "New Project" form and can then complete entries against that "Project" by completing the main entry form all having a common project code.

    Appreciate it is early to be asking for more when you are still busy documenting the big changes you guys have just made but hope it makes it onto your future features list.

    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. kolazero

    that could be brilliant, especially with dubble confirmed client email address....

    Posted 7 years ago #

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