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I delete all folder appnitro :(

  1. mariabarrios

    Hello mistakenly delete all the folder containing my appnitro software, climbed back up the folder and made the connection config.php and was restored, but my forms can not be duplicated nor catch the template which issues them, is there any way recover my old data via FTP software appnitro?
    Or it is better to install from 0 to create all the forms again :(

    In the folder "data" forms and within css files are stored and can recover some of that?

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. mariabarrios

    I just solve my problem :)

    To restore the forms

    In the Data folder there was nothing in it.

    First thing is to restore the files by FTP and file config.php
    Second among my admin machform and create a form manually.

    For example form_12345; css and files: in the ftp a folder inside the DATA (ID = 12345) form_12345 folder inside the folder with your own folders created

    Restoring files and folders css:

    In my administration I had even my 10 forms, but in the ftp had nothing, only the form (12345)

    To restore my data I did was: enter the FTP and the DATA folder, then manually create this folder:

    For example: contact form> ID = 22445, in ftp> DATA> form_22445 (create it)

    Then you have all your forms created folders manually You enter the folder you created first form (folder: form_12345) and copies to your desktop folders inside (files and css).

    After that all you have to do is upload the css files and folders on your desktop to each folder created and the forms to be restored placed where you find him.

    I hope you serve ... I save 7 days of work because they were quite elaborate forms and themes.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. mariabarrios

    The most important thing is to see the error before deleting the database.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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