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Membership form and PayPal

  1. WayneFusco

    I have a form setup at

    Section 1 of the form simply gathers your name and other information we need to process your membership.
    Section 2 you select the membership type you want to purchase.
    Section 3 is the "Review The Information You Provided."
    Section 4 is the payment section.

    I have setup the merchant area and set the prices as:
    Individual = $10.00
    Family = $20.00 (Selection this option shows a second form "# in Family")
    There is no calculation on the number in family its simply captured for reference.
    Business = $20.00

    However initially no matter what option you choose, the amount due shows $0.00

    If I change the membership type to Family and enter 1 in the secondary form box ("# in Family"), its works as expected and show amount due $20.00 and takes me on to PayPal for payment. ( don’t know what it does after that) don’t know how to live test it, as I don’t have access to the sites PayPal Account. Actually I have used PayPal sandbox feature (if someone can help me along with that – that would be awesome!!

    If I change the membership type back to one of the other membership types, the amount changes appropriately and show at the top of the form, but when I get to the review screen, its reverts back to $ 0.00

    Also if the amount due is $0.00 then the form should never complete as that would essentially give a free membership to the user.

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. WayneFusco

    Well thanks to kchemcomcastnet, I figured out the issue. I have the # in family set as a qty field. When I cleared that check box it looks as if fixed it..

    Posted 8 years ago #

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