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  1. mbs

    Hi, wondering how to use webhooks to tie fields in different forms together eg same email address both forms, or create a drop down field based on a previous form submission. Also to display entries from multiple forms.


    Posted 7 years ago #
  2. timcov

    I'm sure you won't be able to do those things "out of the box". MachForm isn't intended to be a relational database system which would be targeting a different market to the one it is primarily aimed at. I was asking for the same sort of things but quickly realised MachForm is directed towards one-off data input forms - not maintaining a long term up-datable record system. I've learned a bit about php through adapting it, as minimally as possible, to suit my peculiar requirements and appreciate it's strengths are for professional web form data collection kept as simple as possible.

    That said:
    - You will be able to use Web Hooks to update a different form with a common identifying field such as email address but will need to write a custom php file as the target URL of the Web Hook to do the database query update of the relevant field entries on the other form.

    - It would be great for the drop down box to be able to reference entries in a different form but I suspect that would take some advanced modifications way beyond what I would attempt without a foolproof idiot's guide.

    - I've not looked into the new report feature yet but I suspect it might be difficult to adapt it to reference two different forms and possibly easier for someone who knows about php & mySql to write a separate routine to read the data you want directly from the database and into your spreadsheet.


    Posted 7 years ago #

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