Price Calculation using Quantity field

Payments Integration is a functionality that already supported by MachForm since v3.0. It works great and let you easily create order forms.

However, it doesn’t support one important feature, you can’t add a quantity field to calculate the total price.

Within the upcoming update (v3.5) we’ve added the functionality to let you define the quantity field. Simply add a “Number” field into your form and turn on “Enable as Quantity field” option.

You will be able to select the target field for the calculation to be made. Each number field can be associated with any other price-enabled fields (Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Drop Down, Price)

The total calculation will be displayed instantly as the user entered the quantity amount:

Neat eh? 🙂


This functionality is available within v3.5, which should be released next week (May 13th, 2013) and is a FREE update for all v3 owners!

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