This page describes how to upgrade from MachForm 2.x to the latest MachForm 5.

If you already using v3.x (3.0-3.5) or v4.x, please check this Upgrading From Version 3.x/4.x page instead.

MachForm v.5 requires PHP 5.3.0 or higher. If the PHP version on your server is older, please upgrade your PHP before continuing.

In most circumstances, upgrading MachForm is a very simple process and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The following guide will help you upgrade to MachForm 4 on your server.

MachForm Free Upgrade Service

Before you read much further, if you, for whatever reason, aren’t inclined to do this type of software upgrade on your web server/host, you can request the MachForm Free Upgrade Service, we will do the upgrade for you for FREE within 2 business days (usually faster).

Upgrade Steps

1. Backup

MachForm will create a backup of your database during the upgrade. However, it is strongly recommended that you backup your MachForm database and files on your own before upgrading. It’s especially important to backup your data folder and all of the files in that folder.

The upgrade script will make database changes during an upgrade. If something goes wrong the only way to roll back the changes is if you have an up-to-date backup.

2. Configuration File

Extract the MachForm archive ( with any unzip program you have. In the base directory of your installation you’ll find a file called config.php. Open this file and fill in the required database and host variables:

MF_DB_NAME – Name of the database
MF_DB_USER – Database username
MF_DB_PASSWORD – Database user’s password
MF_DB_HOST – The host domain/IP of the database (usually “localhost” but not always)

The above information is similar as your old config.php file. However the new variables has MF_ prefix. So make sure not to simply copy the database settings from your old config.php file.

3. Upload to the server

Upload the whole machform folder and files into your site folder, overwriting your old machform files.
The only exception is the “data” folder. DO NOT overwrite this folder.

4. Run the upgrade script

The upgrade script is located in the root of your MachForm directory. Run the upgrade script via your browser and follow the instructions on the screen (e.g. open http://www.yourdomain/machform/upgrade.php –change to your own domain).

You will be prompted to enter your email address and the license number. Enter both and click the Upgrade button.

5. Test your new MachForm

Your new MachForm should be up and running now. Login to your new MachForm and take a few moments to go through your installation and confirm it is running correctly.

On some forms, if you have modified the CSS file previously, you might need to adjust it further. You can edit the CSS by using the new Theme Editor.

In addition, MachForm creates a database backup of your old machform during the backup process that is saved in your “data” folder. This file is called “machform2_backup.sql.php”. If your MachForm is already running fine, you can safely delete this file.

And that’s it! The upgrade is now complete. Your upgraded MachForm is now ready to use. Enjoy!