MachForm 14 Released. Allow Form Users to Edit Completed Submission!

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By default, once a form has been submitted by the end-users, the form data can’t be updated any longer by the end users and only admin having the ability to edit the data.

In some cases, you might need to allow your form users to modify their submission on a later date.

Using the Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission feature, you can do this easily. When you enabled this feature, the end-users will see an edit link on the success page of the form and receive a confirmation email containing the edit link as well (you’ll need to enable confirmation email on your form).

Edit Completed Submission - MachForm

To enable this feature on your form, edit your form, click the Form Properties tab and click the show more options link. Then check the Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission option.

Edit Completed Submission - MachForm

For more details, please check Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission in MachForm.

This new feature is part of the new version of MachForm (Version 14) which we’ve just released today¬†and it is now available for downloads on Billing Area.

This update added new feature and bugfixes. We recommend you to upgrade due to improved functionalities within this release.


  • Feature:¬†Allow Users to Edit Completed Submission
  • Bugfix: Braintree payments deprecated issue
  • Bugfix: Theme selection not available on user profile page when LDAP enabled
  • Bugfix: On multipage form, logic emails are being sent twice when the skip page logic to success page is active
  • Bugfix: Any field with field visibility “Hidden” and “required” at the same time is causing validation error and prevent the form from being submitted
  • Bugfix: Submitting payment on Stripe for recurring payment with setup fee generate “Received unknown parameter: account_balance” error
  • Bugfix: Resuming deleted incomplete entries shouldn’t be possible
  • Bugfix: Can’t decrypt multi-field (address, name, etc) when there is empty field in the middle
  • Bugfix: Editing/adding folder doesn’t work on Edge browser
  • Bugfix: JPEG file sometimes uploaded with incorrect orientation

How to Update

This update is FREE for all users having an active support contract.
As mentioned above, you can download it on Billing Area.

Follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm Self-Hosted 

MachForm Cloud Users

If you’re subscribed to any of our MachForm Cloud plans, there is no further action required on your side. We’ve automatically updated MachForm version on all our cloud users with the latest version. You can use the new features right now!

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