MachForm 13.1 Released. Maintenance Update.

We’re releasing a new maintenance update that addresses a major issue with Google Chrome and Safari browser when opening embedded forms coming from a different domain.

When a page having a form embedded from a different domain, Chrome and Safari will keep refreshing the page in an attempt to get a session cookie, which is now completely blocked by Chrome and Safari. In some cases, you’ll also receive “session expired” error message.

Version 13.1 fixed the whole issue and it is now available for downloads on Billing Area. We strongly recommend you upgrade if you have forms embedded in different domains.


  • Bugfix: Forms keep refreshing due to Safari and Chrome blocked third party cookies
  • Feature: Option to pin/unpin smart folders sidebar
  • Bugfix: The signature link from the export entries or Google Sheets is not displaying the signature
  • Bugfix: Credit card payment page not fully translated to other languages
  • Bugfix: Creating new folder having conditions will remove other folders conditions
  • Bugfix: Typed signature doesn’t render on windows servers
  • Bugfix: Entries page loading very slow when having large payment records
  • Bugfix: Date validation doesn’t filter day-30 on February
  • Bugfix: Compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • Bugfix: Updated reCAPTCHA library to use CURL on host that disabled allow_url_fopen
  • Bugfix: Braintree deprecated issue
  • Bugfix: SQL incompatibility with MySQL 8 on payment settings page
  • Bugfix: Duplicating a form with approval workflow doesn’t duplicate the form permissions as well

How to Update

This update is FREE for all users having an active support contract.
As mentioned above, you can download it on Billing Area.

Follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm Self-Hosted 

MySQL Version Requirement

MachForm v13.1 requires the minimum version of MySQL on your server to be at least 5.0, If you’re still using older version you’ll need to upgrade your MySQL version first.

MachForm Cloud Users

There is no further action required on your side. MachForm Cloud is not affected with this issue.


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