MachForm 4.3 Released

MachForm version 4.3 is now available for downloads on Members Area!

This update added two new important features, improvements and bugfixes. As always, we recommend you to update to this version if you’re still using older version.

What’s new in MachForm 4.3





  • When the form being embedded using iframe, it jump itself to the top of the page when hovering into submit button / fields. Happens on Chrome >= v36 only.
  • UTF-8 characters aren’t being displayed correctly on import form page
  • Exporting form may not export logic conditions completely
  • Review page displaying incorrect (NaN) payment amount
  • Table prefix incorrectly hardcoded on post-functions.php
  • Webhook and email logic is being evaluated twice on multipage form
  • On logic settings page, when the first field on the form is choice/dropdown, they keyword is not being populated correctly for email and webhook
  • PayPal payment status always display unpaid. This is due to SSL3 Poodle bug and PayPal is disabling SSL3 for IPN
  • When a time field is being hidden due to logic, the time should be set to null/empty instead of 12:00:AM
  • Added LIMIT 1 clause to prevent cardinality issue when the choic/dropdown options are having duplicate entries on the table
  • CVV / Card Expiry validation is not being handled properly on Stripe live mode. Error message is a bit misleading
  • HTML tags should be stripped on report widget labels
  • When coupon code reduces the total payment price to zero, it shouldn’t redirect to payment page anymore
  • Latest update of Chrome/IE unable to select transparent color on theme editor
  • Unable to completely disable form border on theme editor
  • Section break is not being displayed on plain text mode
  • Option to take photo or video for file upload field on mobile devices is disabled completely. It should be enabled when “allow multiple upload” being turned off
  • When uploading multiple files, the submit button of the form might pushed into the bottom when the files are too many
  • Form not sending email to address containing quote character
  • Optimized code to prevent corrupted matrix columns
  • Incorrect email validation for some new domains on ‘add user’ page
  • Matrix field rows aren’t being sorted correctly on charts, for some cases
  • Unable to set color for form border on theme editor when ‘thin’ border being selected
  • Incorrect word/characters count on text fields when using multibyte characters (Chinese, etc)
  • Timezone is not being set on PHP form file option
  • Calendar picker is not using the correct language as the form


PHP Version Requirement

As of this version (v4.3), MachForm requires the minimum version of PHP on your server to be at least PHP 5.3.0. If you’re still using older version (PHP 5.2), you need to upgrade your PHP version first.

How to Update

This update is FREE for all V4 owners.
As mentioned above, you can download it on Members Area.

If you are currently using v4.x or v3.x, follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm 3.x/4.x to 4.3

If you are still using v2.x, follow this upgrade instruction:
Upgrading MachForm 2.x to 4.3

Enjoy!! 🙂

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