[v3.2 Preview] New Admin Themes!

MachForm 3.2 is on the horizon and going to be released by the end of this month.
One of the new feature we added is that MachForm now has admin panel themes!

While we really love the current admin theme (orange), we realized that not everybody is on the same boat regarding this, since color is pretty much personal preference.

So we added new admin panel themes based on your feedback. It’s not just one or two, we added five new themes! You will be able to change the admin panel theme easily from the settings page.

Below are the screenshots of the new themes. I hope you love it! 🙂

Business Blue

Natural Brown

Emerald Green

Timeless Gray

Strong Red

MachForm 3.1 Released

MachForm version 3.1 is now available for downloads on Members Area.

This version is the first minor update release within v3.x branch, which contains several bugfixes and one new feature.



  • Feature: Added Russian and Estonian language for the form.
    (Courtesy of EUROPEAN NETWORKS — thank you for the translation!)
  • Bugfix: PayPal link is generated with the same invoice number, causing problem for some users
  • Bugfix: Disabled form should display ‘inactive message’ instead of terminating
  • Bugfix: Entry Manager displays T_ELSE errors on PHP 5.3.10
  • Bugfix: Default settings of Swift Mailer caused open_basedir error message
  • Bugfix: Change Password within IE8 is not working
  • Bugfix: Duplicate Form is not working on MySQL 4.1
  • Bugfix: The default mail function (non SMTP) may not working properly on some host
  • Bugfix: Template variable for email From Name is not working on form with review enabled
  • Bugfix: Sending email with empty address caused SwiftMailer uncaught exception
  • Bugfix: Disable past/future date validation not working properly on all servers
  • Bugfix: Forms with PayPal enabled and having custom Redirect URL should have the return_url being set to the Redirect URL


Updated Files


  • lib/swift-mailer/classes/Swift/Transport/MailTransport.php
  • lib/swift-mailer/preferences.php
  • includes/view-functions.php
  • includes/post-functions.php
  • includes/helper-functions.php
  • includes/common-validator.php
  • includes/language.php
  • js/main_settings.js
  • manage_entries.php
  • duplicate_form.php
  • edit_form.php


How to Update

If you are currently using v3.0, download the package from Member Area. Upload the whole machform folder and files into your site folder, overwriting your old machform files. The only exceptions are the “data” folder and config.php file. DO NOT overwrite them.

Alternatively, you can simply update the files listed above.

MachForm 3 is now available!

We’re very excited to announce the immediate availability of MachForm 3!

This release is a huge improvement over previous version which made MachForm even more intuitive, powerful and fun.

Here’s what’s new in MachForm 3


Multi-Page Forms

Split your forms into multiple pages
and display completion progress bars.



Visual Theme Editor

Easily use your own colors or fonts.
Packed with 20+ professional designs.


PayPal Integration

Create order forms and accept
payments instantly. No complex setup.


Save & Resume Later

Allows your clients to save partially
completed form and resume later.




  • All New Admin Interface
  • Improved, Full Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Visual Theme Editor
  • Multi-Page Form
  • Payment Processor Integration (PayPal)
  • Save Form and Resume Later
  • Faster, Fully-Featured Form Manager
  • Large Selection of Custom Fonts
  • File Upload with Progress Bars
  • Matrix Choice Field
  • And a lot more!


How to Upgrade

This is a major version release and you will be able to upgrade your existing license at the following prices:


Click here to upgrade

For those who purchased any license within 2012, this upgrade is free of charge and you can download the upgrade from our Member Area. Simply login there to get the update and your license key.

Thanks for your support!

A huge “thank you” to our awesome users and beta testers for helping us define and test this release, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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